Rome Spotter–Why you need a travel advisor

How a travel advisor can transform your vacation:

First of all, what is a travel advisor? Like a travel agent, a travel advisor ensures that

all the details of their client’s itineraries are seamlessly arranged, however what

makes travel advisors so valuable is their high level of expertise, the exceptional

quality of their local networks, and their personalized service–their clients are the

center of their world. Here are the top reasons why seasoned travelers trust a travel

advisor with their treasured vacation time.



Trip planning, especially abroad where you may not speak the language can

be stressful and deeply time consuming. A travel advisor ensures that the weeks

leading up to your vacation you are not only stress free, but also secure knowing

that every detail has been attended to. You will also be assured consistently

attentive service once you arrive in country.

Access: It’s nearly impossible to know the culture, cuisine, highlights, and hidden

treasures of every destination that you go to; the benefit of partnering with a local

travel advisor, is that you don’t have to. Travel advisors provide you with insider

knowledge that will get you off the tourist track and into the rhythm of local culture.

Best of all they know exactly where to eat, sleep, and play, and what to see, do, and



Your travel advisor has strong local partnerships and an elite insider

network that you can’t access from a Google search. They know the best tour guides,

are personal friends with local chefs and craftsman, and can book you into the most

exclusive restaurants. They know exactly who to call should you request a private

helicopter ride, a kid-friendly adventure, or a private viewing at world-class

museum. They also know the best spot to picnic, the most delicious hole-in-wall

pizza shop, and what surprises you’ll be talking about long after you return home.

Quality: So often the hardest part of traveling to a new place is making choices.

From where to stay to what to see, trip planners soon find out that creating an

itinerary not only demands a great deal of time, but discernment. Travel advisors

take the guess work out by eliminating the mediocre and presenting you with only

the best of the best of everything–and it’s not just about luxury, it’s about quality of



Travel advisors are full service experts who design your trip with you

and only you in mind. They make a point to get to know the needs and interests of

you and your family, so that they can design a perfectly tailored itinerary that you’ll

love! They’ll even help you celebrate special moments and plan intimate events.

Upgrade your vacation: At whatever your price point, a travel advisor can help you

make the most of your time and money by suggesting excellent lodging, activities,

and dinning options that fit your budget and finding opportunities you didn’t even

knew existed.

Safety net:

Not everything can be anticipated or planned for, and a local travel

advisor can help you seamlessly navigate those moments and safeguard the security

and wellbeing of you and your family. From booking hassles to emergencies, your

travel advisor is available 24/7 to support you.